Remote learning with Glion

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We offer remote study options* for our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs – all delivering the same academic outcomes as you’d achieve through face-to-face teaching on campus.


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Bachelor’s Remote learning

You can begin your Bachelor’s degree remotely** – either for the complete 20-week first semester or through a blend of 10 weeks remote and 10 weeks on campus.

Master’s Remote Learning

We offer flexible remote study options* for all four of our Master’s programs.

What is remote learning?

Remote learning with Glion helps you to keep your education on track. As a Glion remote student, you stay completely in control of your academic journey.

You can attend classes live or watch recordings on demand, with opportunities for regular one-to-one conversations with your faculty plus access to the same personalized career services as our on-campus students.

The Glion experience for remote students goes far beyond what you learn in the classroom.

You become part of our student community, with the opportunity to join our popular clubs and societies and to put yourself forward to become a Student Ambassador.

It’s remote learning, but it never feels remote.


Blended learning – how we combine online and on-campus study

Flexibility is at the heart of our remote learning offer, whichever academic program you choose.

At Bachelor’s level you can study your first, Practical Arts semester remotely using our tailor-made platform, Glion Connect.

You have the option of taking the entire, 20-week semester remotely, or to choose the blended “10+10” option, which features 10 weeks of remote study followed by 10 weeks on campus.

At Master’s level, all four of our career-focused degree programs feature fully flexible blended options*, which enable you to begin remotely then join us on campus for face-to-face classes at any point in the taught semester, with seamless integration of your curriculum.


The benefits of remote learning

The prime benefit of choosing remote learning is that there’s no need to delay or defer your studies if you can’t travel to campus. And this is important in a fast-changing world, where a head start on your academic peers could make all the difference.

Other key benefits of remote learning with Glion include:

  • Flexible, ‘a la carte’ remote study options are available for all our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs
  • It delivers the same learning outcomes as the face-to-face equivalent
  • You enjoy all the ‘value add’ elements of a Glion education, including bespoke Career & Internship services
  •  We offer customized scheduling of professional internships at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels

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*some Master’s remote study options for 2022 intakes are subject to NECHE approval. UK only: Bachelor’s and Master’s remote learning options for September 2022 intake are subject to QAA approval in June 2022. UK only: Bachelor’s remote learning options for September 2022 intake are subject to QAA approval in June 2022.