Leadership Group

Glion Institute of Higher Education’s leadership structure is designed to guarantee responsible management of the institution’s resources, committed to achieving its mission and objectives.

Frédéric Picard

Managing Director

Managing Director Glion Switzerland and UK, with leadership experience in luxury hospitality.

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Georgette Davey

Campus Director – London

Campus Director of our Glion London Campus in the United Kingdom, with leadership experience in hospitality and academia.

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Jacqueline Moore

Dean of Students

Dean of Students who has taken on a range of roles within Glion since 2012.

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Joseph Karam

Associate Dean of Bachelor in Luxury Business and Practical Arts

Associate Dean of Bachelor in Luxury Business and Practical Arts with an outstanding track record in hospitality operational leadership as well as practical arts education.

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Dr. Antonina Santalova

Academic Dean

Academic Dean with over 20 years of experience in education management and leadership.

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Francine Cuagnier

Head of Marketing

Experienced marketing professional who joined Glion in 2017.

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Jessica Iglesias

HR Business Partner

Experienced HR Business Partner for GIHE Switzerland who joined Glion in 2011.

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Marc Jensen

Head of IT Operations & Business Applications

IT Business Relationship Manager for Switzerland & France.

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Bertrand Honnay

Finance Director

Highly experienced finance professional with a strong academic background in hospitality management.

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