The service industry is rapidly changing, with technology, customer demands, business models and new competition making traditional thinking a genuine business risk. The responsibility is on management and leadership teams to innovate, and those that acquire the much-needed skills will move first and reap the rewards.

At Glion we strongly believe that hospitality industry trends are evolving in three directions in terms of new competency needs, these are Spa, Hotel Valuation, and Revenue Management.

How is the industry evolving?

Spa – The spa and wellness sector is maturing from a treatment mindset to an experiential focus, giving customers the escapism they crave, as well as handling wellbeing. To deliver for today’s guests and see business growth, businesses must act now to adapt and deliver. To make it happen, spa and wellness brands around the world need a new breed of experts.

Hotel Valuation – The hotel market is no longer all about service, it is also real estate and investment industry. More and more hotels are opening every day and investors are always looking for profitability or more opportunities to invest. They need people who can evaluate the financial performance of a hotel or evaluate a market, and currently demand is significantly outstripping supply.

Revenue Management – Hotel competition is getting fierce, the big chains are adapting their service, brands from outside hospitality are entering the industry, and new types of accommodations like AirB&B are disrupting the market. Hotel management needs to know how to make sure room prices well positioned and competitive to increase revenue across the business.

Learning from the experts

Glion is closely following these changing trends and has collaborated with respected experts to develop four new Digital Certificates. These online courses give professionals the in-demand abilities needed by the industry, as well as a recognized qualification.

Maximizing Spa Profitability

Designed for hotel and spa managers, investors and operators, this course teaches students how to strategically increase profits and reveals how revenues and costs come together in financial statements. Students will learn how to use data to enhance the user experience and drive results. By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and tools to help their spa achieve higher profits.

Excellence in Spa Operations

Developed and delivered by Mariana Palmeiro, this course gives General Managers, Operations Managers and Spa Managers a systematic approach to the organisation of spas and wellness centers. Students will learn from leaders in the industry and take away a framework for organizational structure and the maximization of sales.

Hotel Market Analysis and Valuation

Developed in conjunction with eminent hotel industry valuation expert, Steve Rushmore, this certificate teaches students how to conduct a market study, analyse hotel financial statements and compare financial performance with other establishments. It is an ideal course for managers and professionals with financial or operational responsibility of hotel real estate.

Revenue Management: The Strategy and Tactics of Hotel Room Pricing

Created specifically for hotel and front office managers, the course teaches the benchmarking tools and techniques to use when pricing rooms. Students will learn how to conduct a value assessment, create multiple pricing strategies and understand how the underlying concepts of room pricing can be used to increase revenue across a property.

Learn in-demand skills in just 14 days

Each Digital Certificate from Glion is designed to run over 14 days. Once your course has started, you will be able to access the entire course material and study at any time you like, moving through the content at your own pace. You will benefit from access to the latest insight, industry research, case studies and video content, and when finished, will have a complete understanding of all competencies involved. Find out more about the Certificates and start studying now.

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