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In the latest edition of our ‘My First Job’ feature series, BBA graduate Benedetta Romano shares how her hospitality education took her into the luxury sector, working in a PR role for a prestigious luxury brand. Such is the exciting diversity of the career paths open to Glion graduates.

Name: Benedetta Romano
Program: Bachelor’s (BBA) in International Hospitality Business
Position: PR & Communication Coordinator
Company: Poltrona Frau
When started: September 2022

When it came to choosing a final semester specialization, Benedetta Romano knew exactly which direction she wanted to take her career in. Fast-forward to graduation in February 2022 and she headed out into the working world with Luxury Brand Strategy expertise, as well as a wealth of job offers to choose from.

“Glion made clear to us the importance of creating networks,” Benedetta says. “By cultivating these connections I was able to find the job I currently have, along with having been offered many other jobs by companies I had built relationships with during my Bachelor’s.”

Benedetta’s first job after graduation took her back to her native Italy, and into world where she felt equally at home. “My role in Poltrona Frau is the PR & Communication Coordinator. The luxury Italian brand creates design solutions for living, working, and travelling. It specializes in the creation of special furniture for hotels, restaurants, museums, and theatres, and provides uniquely crafted leather seats covers to create distinctive interiors for the automotive, aircraft and yachting industry.

“My day-to-day responsibilities include developing and distributing editorials, and helping to deliver initiatives that promote brand awareness and media coverage, such as the development and distribution of written releases, pitching stories to journalists and responding to their queries. Along with my main role, I also manage communications between the organization and the public, support event planning, public relations management and assist media buying activities. ”

“The value of my hospitality skillset did not change just because I didn’t end up working for a hotel brand. Glion taught core lessons that you need to adopt in order to succeed, no matter what industry you choose to build a leadership career in.”

Benedetta Romano

A skillset for multiple pathways

Such is the cross-sector demand for professionals with a hospitality business skillset, that almost half of all Glion alumni work in sectors other than hospitality. Popular career pathways for graduates include banking and finance, luxury goods, real estate, and events, where the need for service excellence and a business mindset is high.

“The classes I attended tied into real world examples for my career. The program helped me gain awareness of workplace culture, enhance critical workplace skills but most importantly it has helped me gain genuine industry insights.

“The value of my hospitality skillset did not change just because I didn’t end up working for a hotel brand. Glion taught core lessons that you need to adopt in order to succeed, no matter what industry you choose to build a leadership career in.”

Highly employable from day 1

Having classroom knowledge is one thing, having the ability to use it with confidence is developed through an experiential learning journey, as Benedetta discovered. “The Bachelor’s program internships I completed at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo were fundamental in my employability. I remember them both as great formative moments in my learning, not just professionally but also personally. Learning concepts and theories in a classroom is needed, but operating those practices into a real-life situation is what makes you learn and grow.”

Poltrona Frau was called to furnish the fourth-floor condo at the exclusive Palazzo Della Luna development in Miami, Florida.

“…in every luxury environment, nothing should be left to chance.”

Just a few months into her first job (at the time of writing), Benedetta is focused on using her hospitality expertise and luxury specialization to bring as much value as possible to Poltrona Frau, while also learning as much as she can to support her longer-term ambition.

“I am not entirely sure where the future will lead me in the next five to ten years, nevertheless one thing is for sure, I will keep working in the luxury industry. My ideal path would include working abroad and becoming an industry expert that others come to for ideas, all accompanied by impeccable professionalism, because in every luxury environment, nothing should be left to chance, and this requires dedication and attention to detail.”

Benedetta’s advice for final semester students

Who better to provide insight into securing a first job after graduation than someone who’s just done it! We asked Benedetta to share her advice for students currently completing their Bachelor’s specialization.

“Those who attend Glion with a passion for the industry are very lucky. Glion gives you the tools to be able to succeed in your field, but it is up to you to aim high, and this comes from continuous commitment. Graduating from Glion is a starting point towards building the future that you want, but it doesn’t end there… do not underestimate the importance of embracing experiences out of your comfort zone.”

Be wise, specialize

Luxury Brand Strategy is among the final semester specializations offered by our Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business. Click the link to discover more.

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