Glion student talks luxury internship

Glion prepares you for a range of exciting careers, particularly in the ever-growing luxury industry. This has been the case for Hospitality and Business Administration student Anders Tiblom, who recently completed his internship at global fashion company Louis Vuitton.

The value of internships

After spending his last internship in Dubai, Swedish national Anders wanted his second to be a little closer to home. “I decided to stay in Stockholm as I saw some interesting opportunities here,” he said. Soon he received two internship offers, and Anders jumped at the chance to work for Louis Vuitton. “I have a natural and intense interest in luxury fashion,” he said. “It felt like the perfect place for me to end up.”

Anders had a host of responsibilities while working. “I was responsible for the everyday sales of products, as well as providing an excellent experience for each customer,” he said. “I also helped oversee the menswear section, organizing the visual merchandise and working as a client advisor.”

Gaining real-life work experience in such a prestigious brand helped Anders learn a host of new skills. “I have learned how to handle the sales process. Flexibility was also required in terms of making customers happy, so my soft skills have increased a lot,” he said. “I have also learnt a lot about the history of Louis Vuitton, as well as their products, materials and production processes.”

Real work with luxury brands

Working at Louis Vuitton exceeded Anders’ expectations. “It was definitely more than I could have hoped for,” he said. “It was amazing to be part of such a wonderful and connected team. Everyone was incredibly helpful, and encouraged me to become familiar with the brand.” Alongside his day-to-day duties, Anders also got to participate in some of the company’s exclusive launches and events. “Being present for those, where some of the store’s top clients were featured, was very insightful,” he said. “It was an incredibly fun and informative experience.”

The skills Anders has learned at Glion proved vital while he conducted his internship. “What I learnt at Glion has been invaluable during my time with Louis Vuitton, especially in terms of soft skills,” he said. “Glion place a large focus on those, and having those skills helped a lot while I was working.”

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