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Hospitality industry and careers

Hospitality is one of the world’s most exciting and continuously evolving industries. By 2025, the travel and tourism industry will account for one in 10 jobs, with seven million jobs set to be generated over the next ten years. Entering this industry will give you a challenging, but highly rewarding, career where no two days are the same.


Currently, the hospitality industry faces many talent gaps, especially in regions where tourism is developing faster than the resources to train professional hospitality managers. Predictions say that the industry will be offering more high-skilled starting positions and a growing demand for employees with managerial skills. It will also be increasing the need for broader management and business competencies.

Improving the hospitality workplace

In the world of hospitality, you are not limited to just one lowly position. You’re not limited to just working in hotels or restaurants. And you’re not limited to working in one place.

Hospitality careers can take off in many exciting directions, including luxury brand management, entertainment, sports, resorts, and travel and tourism. For hospitality graduates, the industry is continuing to provide more training and development, increasing starting salaries and offering lots of career development opportunities.

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Hospitality career examples

The career options in hospitality are almost limitless. You could find yourself working in:

• Hotel management, entrepreneurship, training and development
• Media, digital marketing, public relations
• Asset management, investment banking, finance and revenue
• Food and beverage, catering and banquets, conference and events
• Real estate, project management, facilities, transport and logistics
• Spas and private clinics, travel and tourism, cruises


Our partnership with leading brands in the hospitality industry

One of the greatest testaments to Glion’s reputation is our solid connection with leading brands in the international hospitality industry and event sectors. Indeed, more than one hundred international companies visit our campuses every year to recruit talented new hires. See the video of our latest Career & Recruitment Day on Glion campus.

Glion recruitment facts

Our Careers department ensures that you take the first steps to your professional career by getting access to management training programs and direct-entry positions. Each year, the companies we work with praise our students, who always meet their needs with professionalism, cultural understanding and business know-how, all of which are essential in the world of global hospitality.

Companies and industry sectors

Global recruiters

Diverse careers

International partners




More than 100 global companies come to Glion each year to recruit our students for internships, management training and direct-entry jobs.

65% of our graduates hold supervisory and management positions in a wide range of industries.

Industry professionals have voted Glion number 2 for employer reputation in hospitality management (QS World University Ranking 2019).

Live a life of luxury

The world of luxury brands is becoming increasingly important to hospitality. Global brands like Givenchy and Armani are venturing into hotels, spas and restaurants, while luxury goods brands like Rolex and Cartier are seeking out hospitality business graduates for key positions. If you have the right skills and experience, you could enter one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

At Glion, we will ensure you have the soft skills, interpersonal abilities and multi-lingual flair that the global brands industry demands and its customers expect.

Luxury career examples

Luxury companies have the same scope of operations as any other business offering products and services. Our Luxury Brand Management specialization will ensure you have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to work in this diverse field, taking on roles in areas such as:

• Digital marketing, e-commerce, public relations, communication and advertising
• Finance and revenue management, sales management, purchasing and supply chain
• International event management, product and merchandising management, brand management, procurement
• Customer relationships, retail store management, operations

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