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How Business Travelers Can Get the Most Out of Their Next Trip

Business travelers are a vital part of the hospitality industry. But the benefits of business travel go two ways, with travelers able to use it as an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and build relationships.

While traveling for business can be challenging, there are ways you can ensure you have the best possible experience.

Here we’ll look at the best practices for successful business travel, how hospitality businesses can best serve business travelers, and what you need to know about pursuing a hospitality career specializing in business travel.

What is a business traveler?

A business traveler travels for work-related purposes, such as attending meetings, conferences, training sessions, or conducting business negotiations, and represents an important customer segment in the hospitality industry.

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What are the benefits of business travel?

While you may have a clear objective for your trip, business travel offers many other benefits you may not have considered, such as networking, building relationships, learning, personal and professional development, productivity, inspiration, and even adventure.

Networking opportunities

Networking is a huge benefit of business travel. You can meet people from different industries, cultures, and backgrounds. These new connections can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, or referrals and help expand your professional network.

Professional development

Traveling for work allows you to attend conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events that can enhance knowledge and skills in your field. These events offer opportunities to learn from experts and industry leaders, gain insights into emerging trends and best practices, and expand your understanding of your industry and its challenges.

Exposure to new cultures and ideas

Business travel can enable you to experience new cultures, customs, and ways of doing business that broaden your perspective and understanding of the world. Traveling for work can also expose you to new ideas and processes, and allow you to gain new insights and inspiration, learn about emerging trends and best practices, and broaden your industry horizons.

How to prepare for a successful business trip

Proper preparation is essential for a successful trip, especially for the international business traveler. Being prepared helps you avoid delays, missing meetings, and other complications that can disrupt your trip. Proper preparation can also help to reduce stress and allow for a more positive and enjoyable experience.

Research your destination

Researching your destination is an important part of preparation for the international business traveler. By learning about the customs, and business practices of the place you will be visiting, you can navigate any cultural differences and make a good impression. Some subjects to research before your trip include local customs, including gift-giving, greetings and dress codes, business practices, and meeting etiquette.

Pack efficiently

Packing efficiently is an important part of preparing for a successful journey. It’s a good idea to start by making a list to ensure you don’t forget any essential items. You should also check the weather forecast of the area you are traveling to and pack accordingly to include clothing that you can mix and match to create a range of outfits and reduce how many garments you need to take.

Make travel arrangements

By taking the time to research and plan your travel arrangements carefully, you can help ensure that your trip runs smoothly, reduce stress, and maximize your productivity and success during your business trip. It’s a good idea to book your hotels, flights, and transportation in advance, considering your itinerary, to get the best deal and avoid last-minute stress.

Tips for staying productive on the road

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Staying productive during a business trip has several benefits, such as making the most of limited time, meeting deadlines, and achieving business goals. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, boost confidence, and increase job satisfaction.

Stay organized

Being organized and productive on a business trip is crucial to achieving your goals and making the most of your time. Technology, including productivity apps and project management tools, can be helpful to manage your time effectively and keep you on schedule. And wherever you’re working during your trip, whether it’s a shared office or hotel room, keep it as tidy and organized as possible.

Take advantage of technology

Technology is a valuable asset for business travelers, helping to streamline tasks, stay organized, and stay connected with colleagues and clients.

  • Download productivity apps to help you manage time, track expenses, and stay organized.
  • Use cloud storage services to store your files securely with access from any device.
  • Use video conferencing apps to conduct virtual meetings with colleagues or clients, saving time and travel costs.
  • Purchase a portable Wi-Fi hotspot or use your smartphone’s hotspot feature to stay connected to the internet.
  • Use mobile payment apps like PayPal or Venmo to quickly and securely pay for expenses.

Maintain a healthy routine

Maintaining a healthy routine as an international business traveler can be challenging, but it’s as important for your physical and mental well-being as it is for productivity. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy routine while traveling:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Make healthy food choices
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stick to a sleep schedule
  • Manage stress
  • Pack healthy snacks

Making the most of your downtime

When traveling for business, it’s important to maximize your downtime to maximize your trip’s value and improve your overall experience.

Explore the local area

One of the best ways business travelers can make the most of their downtime on a trip is by exploring the local area:

  • Research attractions
  • Try local cuisine
  • Attend local events
  • Walk or bike your way around
  • Ask locals for recommendations on what to see

Try new experiences

Trying new experiences is a great way for business travelers to make the most of downtime during a business trip. For example:

  • Consider local activities you’ve never tried before
  • Take advantage of hotel amenities
  • Attend festivals or events in the area
  • Be open to new experiences

Stay connected with loved ones

Staying connected with friends and family while away on a business trip is important for your personal and professional well-being. Schedule regular calls or video chats with your loved ones before your trip.

Knowing you have a scheduled call can give you something to look forward to and help you stay connected. You can also take advantage of the many apps and platforms available such as Skype or Zoom, that allow you to video chat from anywhere in the world.

How to stay healthy while traveling for work

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Travel can disrupt your usual routines and expose you to new germs and illnesses. Maintaining healthy habits such as eating well and drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and exercising can help you avoid illness and fatigue, stay focused, and make the most of your business trip.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health and is particularly important when traveling for work. Here are some tips for exercising regularly while on a business trip:

  • Make an exercise schedule before you travel
  • Research gyms or fitness centers near or in your hotel
  • Pack workout gear
  • Use your hotel gym
  • Explore the local area on foot
  • Work out in your room

Eat well

Choosing healthy food is essential for business travelers to maintain their health and energy levels:

  • Plan and research what restaurants and grocery stores are near your hotel
  • Choose nutritious options
  • Bring low-sugar snacks with you
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid overindulging

Practice good sleep hygiene

Good sleep hygiene is crucial for maintaining your physical and mental health, especially when traveling for work.

Here are some tips for getting quality sleep on a business trip:

  • Stick to your sleep routine
  • Bring a comfortable travel pillow
  • Use blackout curtains and earplugs
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Relax before bed

The importance of the hospitality industry for business travelers

The hospitality industry is crucial in ensuring a positive experience for business travelers.

Business travelers often rely on hotels, restaurants, and other service providers to provide high-quality service, comfortable accommodations, a welcoming atmosphere, and a stress-free travel experience.

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Meeting the needs of business travelers

International business travelers have unique needs and expectations, and hospitality businesses must be equipped to meet them by keeping up with travel industry news and the latest hospitality trends.

Meanwhile, many professionals entering the hospitality industry will already have a degree in hospitality that gives them an excellent foundation in supporting business travelers.

Offering convenient and comfortable accommodation

Business travelers are often on a tight schedule and require a comfortable and efficient place to stay that meets their needs.

This includes comfortable beds, good-quality linens, adequate lighting, and a suitable workspace. Providing amenities like fitness centers, meeting spaces, and laundry services can add value to the guest experience.

Providing reliable transportation and dining options

Transportation is significant for international business travelers. Offering reliable and efficient transportation services like airport shuttle buses, car rentals, or private car services can make the guest’s experience more comfortable and convenient.

Dining options are also important, and offering a range of choices to cater to various dietary requirements and preferences can make guests feel valued.

Supporting productivity and wellness on the road

The hospitality industry provides various services and amenities designed to support business travelers’ productivity and wellness.

Some examples of how the industry supports business travelers include providing comfortable accommodations, high-speed internet, meeting facilities, healthy food options, fitness centers, and 24/7 concierge services to ensure business travelers stay productive, healthy, and relaxed during their stay.


While business trips can be challenging, with the right preparation, business travelers can maximize the opportunities available to benefit personal and professional growth without compromising health and well-being knowing the hospitality industry is there with support at every step.

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