Why BBA graduate Mathilde Luciani is at home among the ‘artists and thinkers’

In the latest edition of our ‘My First Job’ feature series, BBA graduate Mathilde Luciani gives us the scoop on her role as Communication and PR Assistant at Hôtel Le Meurice in Paris.


Name: Mathilde Luciani
Program: BBA with Luxury Specialization
Position: Communication and Public Relations Assistant
Company: Hôtel Le Meurice
When started: September 2019


Described as the ‘hotel of artists and thinkers’, Hôtel Le Meurice can count Dalí and Warhol among its guests, and interior designers. BBA alumna, Mathilde Luciani, landed a role as Communication and Public Relations Assistant for the hotel last year. She tells us about her responsibilities, why internships are key, and the career importance of an open mind.

“As the assistant to the press manager and the communication manager, my range of responsibilities is quite large,” Mathilde says.

“Every day I have to gather all the articles where the hotel is mentioned, both online and in magazines, and add them to the weekly press review that is sent to all the Dorchester Collection hotels. I am also in charge of journalists’ stays, before their arrival, during and after. Moreover, I am in contact with our PR agencies all around the world to keep promoting the hotel, and I have to find new partnerships and collaborations for events. Except for some daily tasks there is no routine in this job which I love.”


“I understood the professional world, how to evolve and behave…” 

Looking back at her time at Glion, Mathilde believes her internships prepared her to contribute confidently as a hospitality professional.

I would say time management, team spirit thanks to projects, and task prioritization through internships are the three most important skills I learned at Glion.

“Of course, the hard skills we learned through all the topics we studied were helpful; but most importantly the internships we had to do are for me the key elements that helped me prepare for the world of work. I understood the professional world, how to evolve and behave in it, but also what was expected from me. Even if my previous internships had no link with what I am currently doing, I believe that they are still helping me to evolve and grow as a communication and public relations assistant.”


“…recruiters asked me many questions about my internships.”

In an industry such as hospitality, where the world is your workplace and prestigious brands offer incredible career opportunities, studying a program that delivers knowledge and employability opens exciting doors, as Mathilde discovered.

“Without the internships, I would not have had the opportunity to join Hôtel Le Meurice. During interviews, recruiters asked me many questions about my work experience.” 

“In January I will be moving on to my second role, starting to work for luxury perfume brand, Diptyque, in the communication department. I would say that in the next five years I would love to be Communications Manager for a luxury brand – ideally remaining within Diptyque, which is a brand that I love.”


“…the more experiences you have the better you will succeed…” 

Mathilde echoed the advice of many graduates, leaders and entrepreneurs in hospitality when offering career guidance to final semester students.

Don’t be scared to try new opportunities in departments that you would never have thought of before. It is all about experiences, the more experiences you have the better you will succeed in your professional life” 


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