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How to land your dream job in exotic resorts

The phrase “work hard, play hard” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to exotic resort jobs. Imagine waking up each day to the lush greenery of the tropics, or the majestic sight of snowy mountains, as you set off for a rewarding work day filled with adventure and wonder.

These ideas aren’t fantasies. They can become an everyday reality for people working in the hospitality industry. If you’ve been pondering how to become a resort worker in an idyllic location, then this comprehensive guide is just what you need.

Overview of exotic resort jobs

An exotic resort job can be your ticket not only to an exciting career but also to the adventure-filled lifestyle that most people can only dream about. These types of occupations bridge various industries such as hospitality, food and beverage, outdoor activities, and customer service.

Resort jobs allow employees to stay and work in stunning locations worldwide — think mesmerizing Caribbean beaches or awe-inspiring ski slopes in Switzerland. Though these roles may vary considerably in their daily tasks, all share certain perks including unparalleled surroundings and interacting with guests from around the globe.

It’s worth keeping in mind though that working at resorts involves more than lounging all day on a beach chair. The roles require dedication, commitment, and sometimes long hours during peak seasons.

Management roles in resorts

There are endless opportunities available if you’re looking for a resort worker role as a manager in an exotic resort.

  • Resort general manager (RGM): This is the top-level leadership position in a resort. They are responsible for all operations and setting of strategic goals. They are responsible for managing staff, finances, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Front office manager: This role is responsible for the front desk, guest services, and reservations. It also supervises all staff members who are in charge of check-in, checkout, reservations, and concierge services.
  • Food and beverage manager: Responsible for the entire dining and beverage service within the resort including restaurants, bars, and room service. They take charge of managing staff, menus, and inventory.
  • Sales and marketing manager: This position, similar to a brand manager, focuses on promoting a resort, attracting visitors, and maximizing revenue. They create marketing strategies, execute campaigns, and manage partnerships and promotions.
  • Spa manager: Responsible for the management of spa and wellness facilities at the resort, including scheduling, staffing, treatments, and guest experience.
  • Recreation manager: Responsible for overseeing recreation activities, such as sports, entertainment, and events within the resort. This ensures that guests have many activities to choose from.
  • Human resources manager: Responsible for the hiring, training, and management of resort staff. They take care of payroll, benefits and ensuring compliance with labor law.
  • Finance manager: Responsible for the financial management of the resort, including budgeting and forecasting. They optimize revenue, control costs, and ensure financial stability.
  • Event and conference manager: Responsible for managing events and conferences at the resort. Coordinates logistics, catering, and technical requirements to ensure a successful event.
  • Resort operations manager (ROM): This position assists the general manager with the day-to-day operation of the resort, overseeing the various departments and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Guest services manager: Focuses primarily on elevating guest experience by managing requests and complaints, as well as handling any issues. They’ll often liaise with all other departments in the resort, from housekeeping staff to restaurants.
  • Environmental manager: Leads sustainability initiatives, environmental compliance, and promoting responsible practices.

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Tips on choosing a job with benefits

If you are trying to find out how to land a job at an exotic resort, there is another important factor to consider. Many of these jobs offer a good salary and other benefits like housing. Resort jobs including housing attract individuals who value both convenience and easy immersion in the workplace community. Many resorts typically offer staff members accommodation located within proximity of the workplace or sometimes right on the premises.

Before taking the plunge, weigh the potential benefits against any foreseeable challenges – company culture, workload expectations, and rooming conditions should be investigated beforehand. Of course, consider salary packages too when looking at hotels where you live and work. It’s crucial to assess if what’s being offered can comfortably cater to your lifestyle requirements, from personal expenses to recreational activities.

Application and interview process

Embarking on the journey to find your dream job in an exotic resort can stimulate a flurry of emotions, with excitement, anxiety, and anticipation all playing a part. There are two significant stages in the job hunt: the application process and the interview.

Finding the right role

There are plenty of industry-specific sites you can use to find the right resort job for you. Don’t forget about more conventional job search platforms as well, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, or Glassdoor. These can prove surprisingly fruitful when searching for resort work.

Networking too plays an essential part in landing your dream job at exotic locations. Attend hospitality sector gatherings and job fairs and make use of professional associations related to the hospitality industry.

There’s also a lot to be gained from checking social media channels. Follow influential people in the luxury hospitality business and join relevant Facebook groups as they frequently post about new opportunities.

Last but not least, always consider directly visiting the websites of exclusive resorts themselves. They may have career pages detailing current openings that align perfectly with your aspirations.

Steps for a successful application

  • Identifying opportunities: Regularly browse sites specializing in travel or hospitality-related careers. Specialized career-focused websites often provide comprehensive lists of open positions in various geographic locations.
  • Tailoring your resumé: Once you’ve pinpointed a prospective opportunity matching your skills, tailor your resumé to the job description without fabricating any information. Show that your talents are perfect for sought-after positions such as Caribbean resort jobs with housing or ski resort jobs with housing. Be sure to include relevant experiences and skills which demonstrate why the job should be yours.
  • Crafting a convincing cover letter: Unlike generic cover letters, yours should radiate authenticity and demonstrate why working at a resort is a great fit for your passion. Personalized detail substantially increases your chances.

Let’s turn our attention to preparing for interviews once you’ve successfully submitted an attractive application.

Tips to ace your interview

Tips to ace your interview

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Success at interviews is like navigating through treacherous waters — one wrong move could potentially sink your aspirations of securing your dream resort job.

First, accurate research reflects well on you and also assures interviewers of your genuine interest in being a worker at their resort. Secondly, rehearsing common hotel industry-specific questions can help with confidence, and it can help make sure that you give appropriate answers.

Finally, remember to be yourself. Presenting a genuine personality demonstrates confidence and can form an emotional connection with the interviewer. Don’t forget that finding jobs including housing in exotic locales isn’t merely dependent on what’s inscribed in your resume but who you are, that is the distinctive combination of passion and perseverance you have for achieving success.

Skills and qualifications needed for resort jobs

Embarking on the exciting journey of working in an exotic resort? It’s essential to be aware of the key skills that you’ll need to thrive in such a dynamic environment. The nature of jobs in luxury travel often demands a unique blend of social proficiency, practical knowledge, and problem-solving acumen.


To start, let’s highlight some crucial soft skills that you may have from previous experience.

  • Customer service skills: Excellent customer service skills are essential for resort jobs. Employees must be friendly, approachable, and attentive to guests’ needs, ensuring a positive and memorable experience.
  • Communication skills: Clear and effective communication is vital in a resort environment. Employees need to convey information to guests and collaborate with colleagues to maintain a seamless operation.
  • Teamwork: Working well with a diverse team is crucial in resorts. Team members must cooperate, share responsibilities, and support each other to provide exceptional service.
  • Problem-solving abilities: Resorts encounter various challenges, and employees need to be adept at identifying issues and finding practical solutions to maintain guest satisfaction.
  • Attention to detail: Ensuring that rooms are clean, amenities are stocked, and facilities are well-maintained requires a keen eye for detail to meet guests’ expectations.
  • Adaptability: Resorts often have changing environments with seasonal fluctuations in guests and activities. Being adaptable helps employees navigate these changes efficiently.
  • Time management: Employees must handle multiple tasks and guest requests simultaneously. Effective time management ensures that everything runs smoothly.


A hospitality degree can be an invaluable asset when seeking a resort job, offering a range of merits that enhance your qualifications in this competitive field. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry, covering essential topics like customer service, hotel management, and event planning. This knowledge equips you with the insights needed to excel in various resort roles.

Additionally, many hospitality programs emphasize hands-on experience, often requiring internships or practical training in real-world resort settings. Such experiences not only build your skills but also allow you to establish valuable industry connections.

Furthermore, a hospitality degree demonstrates your commitment to the field and your readiness to tackle the challenges of resort employment. It can also open doors to higher-level positions and managerial roles within resorts, offering opportunities for career growth and advancement. Ultimately, a hospitality degree provides a strong foundation and a competitive edge for securing and thriving in resort jobs.

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Internships and experience

In addition to the merits of a hospitality degree, internships play a pivotal role in shaping a successful career in the resort industry. They provide an unparalleled opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations where you can gain practical skills and insights that classrooms alone cannot offer.

Internships also allow you to network with industry professionals, potentially leading to job offers or valuable mentor relationships. They enable you to explore different facets of the resort business, helping you identify your strengths and preferences within the field.

Employers highly value this previous experience when hiring, as it demonstrates your readiness for the challenges of the industry and your commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Internships can serve as a bridge between education and employment, paving the way for a rewarding and fulfilling career in the resort sector.


Capturing your dream role in the vibrant sector of exotic resorts may be more attainable than you once thought. Resort jobs with housing could transport you to beachside bungalows or luxury lodges around the world, transforming your career into a remarkable journey. With diligence, perseverance, enthusiasm, and well-honed hospitality skills, there are boundless opportunities in delightful vacation retreats worldwide.

It’s time for you to seize your dream of a career in hospitality, where you work in a gorgeous location while boosting your skills. If you want to take the essential first step for this kind of exciting career, enroll with Glion today to join one of our world-class hospitality degrees. Or, you can also find out more about other compelling career paths in hospitality.

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